For Sellers
With access to many online resources, today’s buyers are savvy.
We’re here to help you be the same.

Your RE/MAX Sales Team can help you decide how to prepare your house for sale – from what improvements to invest money to make the most impact, to the difference between decorating and staging. We are here to help you get the best possible price in the most reasonable time period.

Although the following videos offer important tips to help you get started, we invite you to contact Your RE/MAX Sales Team when you’re ready to go – or just have questions.

Why a Home Doesn’t Sell

If your home is lingering on the market without any offers, there could be a few reasons why. As RE/MAX explains in this video, condition, price and location are the three key factors buyers are looking for in a potential property. Find out what you can do differently to ensure your home is fit to sell.

Simple Facts to Help Sell Your Home

Are you ready to sell but in need of guidance to make your home stand out to potential buyers? Watch this short clip for answers to the most commonly asked questions sellers have when preparing their home for sale.

Preparing Your Home for the Right Buyer

Are you targeting the right audience with your home sales? Help your sellers determine, and prep their house for, the right audience — from empty nesters, to newlyweds or growing families.

Tips for Successfully Marketing Your Home

Today more than ever homeowners need to focus on creating a comprehensive plan for marketing their property. Use this video to learn why RE/MAX agents are uniquely qualified to help you successfully market your home in today’s real estate market.

When you list with Your RE/MAX Sales Team, you can expect a lot from us. This is just the start…

Comparative Market Analysis

How is the selling price decided? We provide you with comparable properties that were sold recently or are currently for sale. Based on those listings, we will suggest a list price, but deciding on the selling price of your property is ultimately yours.

Quality Photography

Most buyers browse online first. The high-quality photography we provide is vital to make that best first impression. We photograph the interior, exterior and any special features of your property to present a well-rounded and inviting picture to potential buyers.

Home Staging

It’s important for potential buyers to see themselves in your house. That’s where staging comes in. We will give you tip lists about how to declutter and rearrange furniture to make your property stand out.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful marketing tool. We post each listing to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest soon after it is listed. Within days, your listing will have potentially reached thousands of Facebook users – which increases your chances of a attracting a potential buyers and a quicker sale.

Listing syndication

In addition to social media, listing syndication ensures your listing is distributed far and wide. When you list your property with us, it will listed locally on the Your RE/MAX Sales Team site and, and cross-posted online to a broader audience on sites including the global RE/MAX site, MLS®,, Kijiji, Twitter, Kijiji, VarageSale, GreyBruce.Today and

Group Realtor Visit

A realtor open house gives area realtors the opportunity to see your property and pre-qualify it for buyers they are working with.

Open House

To create publicity and interest in your property, we will host an open house for your property during the first week it is listed. Sometimes, circumstances dictate that a repeat open house is a good idea; and, occasionally, there are situations when it is a good idea to not have one at all.

Our Moving Trailer

Need a trailer to help with your move? We have a 12-foot long moving trailer that our clients can schedule for use on their move date – free of charge. Contact the office for more info.

Be confident in your choice of realtor and realty company.

Important things to know before you sign on the line.

A physical sales office means your agent has a place to meet you, display listings, work with staff to manage and expedite paperwork and maintain social media.

Your RE/MAX Sales Team has three agents and a full-time office administrator to meet all of your real estate needs, all working from our Walkerton team office at 320 Durham Street East.

The rate of commission tells you a lot about your agent. A discounted rate may be appealing at first, but it reduces that agent’s ability to negotiate on your behalf. Buying and selling agents often cooperate with each other by contributing some of their commission in negotiations to help facilite a difficult or dying transaction.

The lower the commission, the less room to negotiate.

Your RE/MAX Sales Team’s rate of commission is 4.0%, the local industry standard.

Selling agents to do not keep the full amount of commission they are paid.

  • The commission is split 50-50 with the buying agent in a transaction.
  • A portion of all agents’ commissions go to governing agencies such as Canadian and Ontario real estate associations to cover those organizations’ mandatory fees.
  • An agent’s commission fees also pays for brokerage fees, errors and omissions insurance, furthering education (as an accredited industry, courses are mandatory), salaries, advertising (newspaper, online and signage), gas, office supplies, etc.
  • The remaining amount is what an agent is paid for the time spent doing what they love!
Think about the golden arches, your favourite cup of coffee, the hot air balloon that’s above the crowd? What real estate brands do you know? Which ones do you trust? Which ones have been in your selling area the longest, and most successfully? Working with a real estate brand that you know and trust translates to listing with a business that has a larger reach – through advertising, brand recognition and number of agents.
If the agent is not available, who steps in? Will your listing be in limbo? Does the agent have a teammate or staff member to take care of your needs?

This is where a fully-staffed office works to your advantage! With Your RE/MAX Sales Team, should your agent be unavailable, another licensed agent can step in to help. Our office administrator is also here to assist in any way she can, too.

Why is this important? Because it’s not always all about the money! Some agents donate a portion of their commissions to certain charitable causes. It shows they are community-minded, benevolent and treat others well. Probably the way you’d like to be treated, too.

RE/MAX, as a national brand, is very community-mindedness! We are proud of our local towns – where we live, work and play, where our children attend school and will grow up – and want them to be the best places they can be!

RE/MAX is a proud supporter of the Children’s Miracle Network.

When you list with Your RE/MAX Sales Team, you are working with the best. Ask us about the stats to prove it!

  • RE/MAX is the most recognized name in real estate.
  • RE/MAX agents sell more real estate than any other Canadian brand.
  • RE/MAX Associates have more real estate sales experience than other real estate agents.
  • RE/MAX is who home buyers and sellers think of first.
  • RE/MAX is the real estate brand that the most buyers and sellers would recommend.
  • RE/MAX has helped millions of families buy or sell a home.
  • RE/MAX is in over 100 countries and territories, more than any of its competitors.
  • The RE/MAX Balloon is recognized all over the world.
RE/MAX Balloon at sunset